Monica Ray

Storyboard Director / Voice Actor

Recent board work:

Supervising Director on Big City Greens

Recent voice work:

Miko from Glitch Techs

Kiki from Big City Greens


Green Christmas: A Big City Greens Christmas special

One of six song numbers in the 2 part BGC Christmas Special. Directed by me, boarded by Kiana Mai, Caldwell Tanner, Amy Hudkins, and Jonathan Wallach.


Board Samples

Harvey Beaks

Princess Wants A Mom

Big City Greens

Shark Objects

Big City Greens

Urban Legend

Harvey Beaks

Bad Seed


Early Development Pilot


Magic Harvey


Magic Children Doing Things

Made through the Nickelodeon Shorts Program in 2015. Created, storyboarded, and voiced by me. Set in a magical forest, young nymph Syppy wants to prove to her friends that she can handle a little responsibility.


Personal Work



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