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Monica Ray is an Emmy nominated storyboard director and voice actress. She has written, boarded, and directed for both board driven and script driven shows. Most recently she was the supervising director for the DTVA series Big City Greens. In addition to storyboards, she voiced the Glitch Techs series co-lead “Miko Kubota” at Netflix.

For storyboarding inquiries, voice acting, or freelance opportunities you can contact me at:

Board Samples

Big City Greens S2 E4 - Green Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Tilly helps Cricket redeem his year's worth of bad deeds for one last chance to get on Santa's nice list. 

Board Samples

Magic Children Doing Things

Nickelodeon Shorts Program 

Magic Children was an original pitch selected to be developed into a 3 minute animated short as part of the Nickelodeon Shorts Program in 2015. 

"Leander, the only human in a magical world, is best friends with Cyppy and Dre who simply don't understand the rules of being human. Created by Monica Ray."

Voice Acting


Miko Kubota, series co-lead on Glitch Techs (2016 - 2019)

Disney TVA

Kiki, and various characters on Big City Greens (2016 - 2021)


Wade, and various characters on Harvey Beaks (2015)

Syppy, on Magic Children Doing Things (2015)

Animated Short
Voice Acting



Personal Work